The “Antibes to Cannes” run

May 31, 2019

Founder’s note

Today I finished editing both parts of the treadmill video “From Antibes to Cannes”, which is available at Videos section.

Here’s the GPS-track:

This run is special for me. I live far from the sea, especially such a beautiful one, so I appreciate those rare moments of getaway. This was my business trip, but early wake ups provide some benefits 🙂 So, I grabbed my camera and bought the one way “Cannes-Antibes” train ticket. Thanks to French transportation system, my ride was pretty quick and comfortable.

I love Antibes! Numerous multimillion-dollar yachts coexist with old town walls, medieval castles and even Pablo Picasso’s museum. “Moules marinières avec le vin blanc maison”, that taste adorably at Marché provençal (wonderful local market). The possibility to take a bottle of “vin rouge” together with fresh baguette and cheese in order to make a modest yet private feast on the rocks by the seaside… but watch out the rats that come out at dusk!

Unexpectedly, this was the day of the Antibes Half Marathon, so I was happy to greet other runners, feeling somewhat envy. Nevertheless, the weather was so marvelous, that I enjoyed the guilty pleasure of running along the edge of the sea.

Unfortunately, the famous Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes was partially closed to reconstruction – but I managed to film the most beautiful parts of it. I hope you could imagine actually running there while watching both parts of the video. More of them on the way!

What are your favorite running places? Please, write in comments!


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