Don’t wanna run anymore?

Feb 01, 2019

Motivation for those who stuck in their training process

Every runner has plenty of moments when everything seems to be achieved, and motivation disappears. Catch this “motivation list” for such moments!


1. Buy new pair of running shoes. Mmm, that smell of a new shoes out of the box… The more you spend on them, the better ­čÖé┬áPlace them in a clearly visible place at your home. Every time you pass by them, they will wisper: “Come on, gotta try us!”


2. Choose the race with the┬ábiggest and brightest medal. Prepare the visible place for your future medal. You can even stick something with words like “in 6 months here will be my coolest medal, cause I’m working HARD!”. Charity races are even better. Actually, the best is to sign up for the most distant and picturesque race you can!


3. Find a running partner who accepts no excuses, turns off the mobile at night and runs despite the weather conditions. Discuss the time and place for tomorrow run. You’ll have to run in order not to disappoint your partner.


4. If you’re running on a treadmill, try watching running video. There are really picturesque places filmed, even running tours with interesting information about the location. Mentally you’re in a distant place while physically – on your treadmill.


Feel free to expand this list in comments!


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